Gold Bangles

We see a huge amount of bangles coming through the doors here at ForgottenGold. These bangles were often sold as 9k gold and bought in good faith. When we test them, oftentimes we find they have no gold, or are just gold plated. (Meaning they can have anything from one fifth nine carat to one twentieth nine carat.)
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How To Price Gold

A lot of customers ask us how the price of gold is determined. We set our gold price twice daily, which we take from the London Bullion Market . The price on the gold market, like any commodity is arrived at by market factors (the more people who want gold, the higher the price.)  Many investors are viewing [...]

Cash For Gold Industry

The ‘Cash For Gold’ industry has grown significantly over the past year. were the first in the marketplace offering Irish customers the chance to recycle their old gold for money. Now the country is awash with different businesses and outlets offering to give cash for old gold items.
High Price Of Gold
The current gold price is at [...]