Cash For Gold Industry

Gold Items The ‘Cash For Gold’ industry has grown significantly over the past year. were the first in the marketplace offering Irish customers the chance to recycle their old gold for money. Now the country is awash with different businesses and outlets offering to give cash for old gold items.

High Price Of Gold

The current gold price is at an all time high, making it an extremely sought after commodity. Like any market, the more buyers the higher the price. set up in order to allow Irish customers to benefit from this high gold price and recycle their old, unwanted gold jewellery for money.  The gold collected from unwanted or broken jewellery is then melted down and sold.

The Benefits

The benefits to the environment are possibly the most significant. There is a finite amount of gold in the world and mining it can have very detrimental effects on the environment. By recycling gold, we are re-distributing the world’s gold stocks, and thus reducing the amount of gold mining necessary.

There are also benefits to the customer. The items which we accept for recycling are old, unwanted or forgotten gold pieces which are no longer used or wanted. Recycling gold allows the customer to make the most from their old gold items and to enjoy an unexpected windfall!

It is estimated that the gold recycling industry has created over 100 jobs in Ireland alone, no small feat for an industry that has been in operation for just over a year.

To recycle your old, gold jewellery simply request a free gold recycle pack here.

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