How To Price Gold

Maginfiying ManA lot of customers ask us how the price of gold is determined. We set our gold price twice daily, which we take from the London Bullion Market . The price on the gold market, like any commodity is arrived at by market factors (the more people who want gold, the higher the price.)  Many investors are viewing gold as a stable investment in a turbulent market, so the demand for gold has gone up, along with the price of gold.

So what does this mean for gold recycling? Well, it means that our customers will be paid more for their gold. We set our gold price twice daily, ensuring we give customers the fairest and most accountable price possible. The higher the gold price, the more money our customers receive for their gold.

There are three main factors that influence the gold price we pay to customers

  1. The current market price
  2. The purity
  3. The weight

To get started recycling your gold simply request a free gold recycle pack today.

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