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Customer Comments is on TV, radio, in the papers and even on Facebook.
But by far our best promoters are our happy customers:

" I could not believe the quote I received. It was 3 times what I was expecting. Very Friendly, so quick and easy. Thanks."
Dan, Kildare

" Thank you for your excellent and very quick service. I didn't expect to get so much money back I am delighted and Iíve already told friends about the service."
Catherine, Tipperary

" Just received a phone call to say I will be receiving a cheque on Monday for Ä326 for a small amount of jewellery I only posted yesterday. I am over the moon with that offer, was not expecting that much at all :)"
Lisa, Co. Dublin

" I liked the look of I trusted them with my old gold and Iím glad I did. ."
Norah, Waterford

" I couldnít believe the price I got for some old pieces lying around the house. The service was second to none. Iíll definitely be telling my friends."
Marie Carroll, Cork

" Many thanks for the cheque received for the sale of Ďold goldí Ė a real surprise for me! I was interested to read the breakdown in my letter re: the carat grading. The whole process is very professional."
Ann, Dublin 9

"My Aunt left me a lot of old fashioned jewellery years ago which I had totally forgotten about, then I saw the articles in the paper. Great service. Youíve a great team there, everyone I spoke to was very knowledgeable , which gave me great confidence."
Dr. Keogh, Donegal

"Great idea, fantastic service. Easy, quick and delighted with the amount. Telling all my friends. Thanks again"
Gina, Greystones.

"Ä320 euro! Thatís the best news Iíve heard all week. Thanks for the brilliant service. Iíll tell my friends"
Tracey, Navan.

"My friend told me about the service. I got my cheque today and all I can say is that Iím delighted Ė itís a super service"
Jenny, Torquay.

"My Aunt left me a lot of old fashioned jewellery years ago which I had totally forgotten about, then I saw the articles in the paper. Great service."
Dr. Keogh, Dublin.

"Many thanks for the very welcome cheque and for the prompt service. Your website is really easy to use and I canít believe how quickly you responded."
Christine, Monkstown.

"A fast, professional and very easy to use service. Many thanks."
Mary, Castlebar.

"Wow, Ä450 for old stuff I had in the attic. Great service. Iím going to tell all my friends at the weekend."
Jane, Cobh.

"I told my wife it was worthwhile doing. Weíre treating ourselves to a weekend away with the Ä460 we got. Many thanks."
Richard, Kildare.

"We wanted some cash for the holiday fund and then we saw forgottengold. Great timing!"
Jane, Wembley.

"Congratulations. The quality of the materials you sent me is excellent and the payment was surprisingly high, so I am happy to recommend your service."

"Great service. Great idea, so easy and very worthwhile. Ä430 will go towards the holidays this year!"
Sheila, Galway.

"Iím off to buy some new jewellery. Ä1,485 should go a long way. Great, fast, professional service. Thanks."
Janet, Letterkenny.

"Great price. Ä317 was a lot more than I expected. Brilliant."
Elizebeth, Virginia.

"Thatíll fund the stag night for my son. Delighted with the cheque for Ä270. Thanks."
James, Stepaside.

"Fantastic. £270 for a load of old junk. Iíll send you some more next week."

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