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Recycling old gold jewellery 'is a fast way of accessing money'

April 1st 2009

A Sligo entrepreneur is hoping to strike gold with an innovative new business venture.

Mullinabreena native, Niall Marren, is the CEO of a new Galway based company,, which aims to apply a gold-plated sheen to those recession blues.

The company is offering a quick and easy way to turn old, broken or outdated jewellery into hard cash. The service is postal based and is fast, discreet and insured.

Before setting up the company earlier this year, Niall and his partners carried out extensive research in America, where online gold trading services are hugely popular, driven mainly by rising gold prices and the deepening recession.

The company was launched to provide a similar service to customers in Ireland and throughout Europe, and the early reaction has been so positive that expansion plans are already in the pipeline with up to a dozen jobs expected to be created in the next two years.

"We looked at what they were doing in America, and took the best of their practices on board. If we get it up and running in Ireland, and the early indications are extremely encouraging, then we will soon be expanding our services throughout Europe," Niall explains.

Another strong Sligo connection with the new company is that its systems development partner is the Jalmia company, owned by David Hosey, in Achonry.

According to Niall, recycling old gold jewellery is a fast way of accessing money as the credit crunch bites.

"We are offering an entrepreneurial solution to the credit crisis," he explains. "Customers can unlock the value from their unwanted jewellery simply and privately."

The process works very simply. Customers simply request a free "Gold Recycle Pack" by calling the 1890 350 350 lo-call, 24 hour automated line) or through the website

An insured, post paid "Gold Recycle Pack" is provided by the company so that customers can send their old jewellery to in complete confidence.

A recycle valuation process is conducted and if the customer is happy with the result, a cheque is issued to them immediately. If the customer is unhappy with the amount offered, their jewellery is returned to them on the same day, at no cost.

"The entire process is fast, easy to complete, guaranteed and secure," Niall says.

The aim, he points out, is to allow as many people as possible to take advantage of one of the few opportunities available in the current recession, while at the same time benefiting the environment.

"We use the latest testing and refining technology to ensure that the maximum amount of pure gold is extracted from the jewellery we recycle. This allows us to pay customers the maximum amount for their forgotten old jewellery.

"But they don't have to wait for us to recycle their jewellery; we issue a cheque as soon as we have completed the recycle valuation and agreed the amount with the customer," Niall explains.

Anyone interested in finding out more can contact on 091704842.


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