House of Gold

As part of it’s 50th anniversary celebrations Lego gave away gold Lego pieces. That is one way to get a house of gold!
If you have any unwanted gold Lego pieces or jewellery, for that matter contact us for a recycle pack today!

Gold Bangles

We see a huge amount of bangles coming through the doors here at ForgottenGold. These bangles were often sold as 9k gold and bought in good faith. When we test them, oftentimes we find they have no gold, or are just gold plated. (Meaning they can have anything from one fifth nine carat to one twentieth nine carat.)
Tell [...]

Mmmmmm Gold!

If this recession hasn’t got to you, then you might consider a new filling for your sandwiches: gold. Yes, pure gold is in fact edible. Gold leaf can be found in some liqueurs and drinks such as Goldschlager.
According to The Business Insider one Abu Dhabi hotel reportedly served 11 pounds of edible gold to its guests [...]